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Is Mike Adams (The ANGRY Health Ranger) From Natural News Posting Misinformation on Zeolite For His Own Financial Gain? Find out the sad truth.

Is Mike Adams The Health Ranger Of Natural News Posting False, Improper Zeolite Information For His Own Vanity And Self Gain? What Do You Think?

Folks, I now feel that Mike Adams the Health Ranger of Natural News has gone to the dark side by purposely posting misinformation about the detox mineral called zeolite in his attempt to fool the public by ranting about improper nitric acid zeolite testing methods. This all started after he posted information about totally dissolving zeolite in powerful nitric acid which will never happen in real life because people do not have nitric acid in their digestive tracts.

When Mike Adams announced how he did or read about this unnatural and non real life test that provided improper or inferior data and results, a prominent zeolite manufacturer offered to give him real life in vitro studies about how zeolite actually works when put through the body to remove a large amount of heavy metals all the way out of the body without releasing any heavy metals into the body that could possibly be bound to the structure of the zeolite itself. Mike Adams refused to even take a look at this extensive and expensive in vitro scientific zeolite study offered to him at no cost whatsoever and he also refused to investigate any of the facts that were offered (Handed) to him. After this happened the zeolite manufacturer told him that if he did not stop giving out this misinformation they would present him with a simple cease and desist order to protect the public and the zeolite industry from this disinformation.

When this happened it must of hurt Mike Adams The Health Rangers feelings and his vanity enough to make him so raging angry that Mike seems to have gone off the deep end to the point of posting over and over again even more disinformation articles about zeolite while pretty much admitting in his first negative zeolite posts that he was doing this to get back at the zeolite manufacturer that said that they would try to stop the disinformation with a cease and desist order if necessary. He also posted that he is used to being threatened by others but I don’t think so by his actions to refuse to read important in vitro scientific data with test results that could both enlighten him to better facts and could conclusively prove his information is wrong or improperly done as the manufacturer tried to explain to him in good faith.

This seems to be more of a vendetta for Mike Adams and it is not good for anyone, especially for the people that he is frustrating in his posts because of the misplaced anger he seems to have! I have been getting many e-mails and phone calls for advice from people taking zeolite literally in tears telling me how well the zeolite is helping them in many different ways but after reading Mike Adams blogs telling them to stop taking their zeolite and they don't know what to do because they are frustrated and even afraid to continue taking their zeolite! Others have contacted me to share that they can see through Mike Adams the Health Rangers anger and actions! A number of people have suggested that I write this article to help those that need to know what we feel is the truth in this matter!

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Humans do not have super corrosive nitric acid in their stomach’s digestive system! The truth is that the weaker hydrochloric acid in the human stomach is not able to separate and break down the zeolite or any possible heavy metals attached to it. ALSO, the intact zeolite is not in the digestive system long enough to destroy the cages of the zeolite as well! Because of these simple facts the zeolite stays intact while still adsorbing and holding on to much more heavy metals like a sponge as it passes through the body to remove them. Before and after blood work testing for heavy metals proves this fact!

I also feel that that Mike Adams the Health Ranger is doing this while hurting the very people with high levels of heavy metals in their bodies that need and greatly benefit the most from the quality zeolite detox products that have been helping them safely remove the toxic heavy metals from their bodies for the last 15 years for his own selfish financial greed and self gain in order to sell his own supplement product line that now includes heavy metal detox products! One of his products for radiation detox even contains zeolite. Huh!

In his anti zeolite articles he says straight out and I quote him ("PS. For the record, I have no financial stake in this report.") No Joke Folks He Said That!

After reading his disinformation on zeolite and his foolish no financial stake quote I feel that Mike Adams The Health Ranger is now a poor role model to his readers since he is selling dozens and dozens of supplement products in his store linked and shown at the top of each and every article he writes!

Not Amazing But True--- Mike Adams the Health Ranger has also personally posted the benefits of zeolite on his own past natural news articles multiple times. Now he acts like he never did this! BUT HE DID!

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The zeolite we sell is the highest quality, cleanest, mold free zeolite in micronized powdered form for human consumption to safely detox heavy metals and contaminants from the body! Our Zeolite Pure and other zeolite products are available worldwide and our many thousands of satisfied customers during the last 15 years are extremely happy with our zeolite products due to the positive results during and after detoxing and because our zeolite grabs onto and carries the toxins all the way out of the body without reabsorbing any back into the body to make the person doing the detox feel sick as other detoxes do! Also many of our customers report positive before and after heavy metal test results that speak for themselves!

Please read more of the true and honest information about this matter in the white paper shown below. I have now lost all respect and trust for Mike Adams and apparently so has many of his own follower fans (By Their Own Responses) that have read and posted back with disagreement in his multiple anti-zeolite articles! This is a true shame for many readers that used to trust his information!

Barry Cohen------Owner Of http://www.zeolite.com


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Zeolite lies are discussed and defended








Zeolite lies are discussed and defended




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